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Can we meet only in the neighborhood we set up?
Herbee is an application that makes it easy to meet close friends offline. So, I will introduce you to a close friend based on the neighborhood you set up or the location where you are currently. If you want to make friends in a wider area, you can use the VIP subscription service.
Is meeting only possible in the neighborhood?
You can make appointments even if it's not in the neighborhood! However, it is recommended to meet in a public place when meeting at an appointment place. If you invite someone to an unknown area or a private place, change the appointment location or refuse.
What happens if we don't meet?
In a 1:1 meeting, the appointment will be canceled unless even one person presses the departure button within 30 minutes after the appointment time. Or, if each other does not enter the appointment place 200m after departure, or if you enter, the appointment will be canceled if you do not press the "We met each other!" button. If the appointment is canceled, you can't get a honey point reward.
Can I just upload videos on the feed?
You can upload videos as well as photos on your feed. But I recommend you upload a short form video that can show your vivid lifestyle.
How do I report it?
Herbee can report inappropriate posts, comments, and chat rooms that deviate from the operating guidelines. Click on the three dot menus at the top right of the post, or slide the comment to the left to see the report function. If you have received inappropriate requests or had an unpleasant experience in the chat room, please report them with a capture of the problematic content.

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4 Dec 2023
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